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NIN is a voluntary member organisation. It is run by the committed Coordinators who are the face of NIN by organising social activities, providing monthly speakers, managing membership, finance, IT, communication, and marketing. Each group is composed of at least two coordinators who serve for a minimum of six months. The team of Coordinators is led by a Project Manager, and seconded by a Deputy Project Manager. Here is the list of our current coordinators: 


Kate Rushdy - Project Manager


Kate Moved to Norway in September 2013. She has a BA in PR and Advertising (Honours) and an MA in Marketing from Durham university (Merits). She is currently a Digital Marketing Freelancer. She has lived in eight different countries before moving to Asker. She loves travelling, exploring new cultures and building friendships from around the globe. Her hobbies include; swimming, reading and cooking, with a particular passion for baking and designing birthday cakes.

Adam Csetneki - IT Coordinator


Adam came from the heart of Europe in 2016. That was the year of the first visit and the move to Oslo. Love at first sight. He worked for a global telecommunication company as a Coordinator at his home. He started the new life with seven years experience in search of new oppurtinities, adventures. He joined the NIN gladly, he want to be an effective member of this community. He likes hiking in the nature, to discover, to learn more and more. This is one of the reasons why he is here.





Saho Kitayama - Social Coordinator


Saho first came to Norway as an exchange student in 2011 and studied Norwegian language for one year. After she finished her bachelor degree in social science-comparative societies and cultures from Japan, she moved back to Norway in 2013 to explore more challenges. She likes to travel around the world, experience different cultures and meet new people with different backgrounds. She has been doing rhythmic gymnastics since when she was young, so one of her hobbies is listening to music and choreographing dance.



Valeria Temple - Speaker Coordinator

(United States)

As a newcomer in September 2017, Valeria moved to Oslo from Silicon Valley to reunite with her Norwegian husband. With more than 15 years of experience in Enterprise, Startup and Social Entrepreneurship, Valeria is looking forward to discovering a new country. Russian-born American with MS in Computer Science she had an opportunity to live and work in Europe in the past while working for Skype Communications. Valeria's interests are very broad: from opera and ballet to salsa dancing, from art and politics to scuba diving with sharks … these are just a few of many subjects she can discuss with you.”




Michaël Beaudoin - Membership Coordinator


Michaël moved to Norway in September 2017. He holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degreeof Université Laval, Québec and a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) title of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Prior moving to Norway, he worked in audit at Ernst & Young (EY), both in Canada and the United States, and in advisory at Grant Thornton. He speaks French, English and Spanish fluently. He loves travelling, exploring and learning about different cultures.



Phuoc Phan - Finance Coordinator


Win has been in Norway since 2013 in pursuit of his Master of Business in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He wishes to be in aid for new-comers to integrate into the Norwegian business environment when he joins us. In the meantime he is polishing his mastery of Norwegian language, socializing and networking, and Scandinavian cooking, while finishing up his degree and expanding his portfolio as a data analyst. He loves to explore new eateries, watching dogs, and play boardgames during his free time. Perhaps the boy can be an amateur pastry chef one day.




Jada Thanh Nguyen - Social Coordinator


With Pedagogical Methodology as education background, Jada has seven years of experience in Sales/Business Development and Management. In 2017, she relocated to Oslo, Norway following her family and in pursuit of higher education. She desires to follow Master of Science in Assessment and Evaluation in order to academically contribute to the way we educate next generations. Her solid belief includes “do the little things that matter” and “the power of networking”. She loves connecting with people, dancing and racing Obstacle Course. So call her if you need another push to join that race.




Paula Cabezas - Marketing coordinator


Paula moved from Bogota, Colombia to Oslo in 2015. She holds a bachelor in Finance and International Trade and is doing a Master in International Development. She is eager to learn about other cultures, as well as, to share hers. Swimming and dancing are among her favorite activities. She really enjoys long and deep conversations about global issues.



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